WindGen Tower Generators Are The New ERA Designs


“Everything is Theoretically impossible, until its done”

Robert A. Heinlein

100% Wildlife & Environmentally Safe, Mass Production Renewable Energ, Wind & Water

We Welcome You to Stop By and put Our Skills & Products to the Test.

Charlie Bryan, Founder + Designer


The Worlds Wildlife and their Environment is #1 Prioriry at WindGen Designs!

All WindGen Tower Generators are 100% Wildlife and Environment Safe and Friendly.

We Understand the Beauty behind behind every blade of grass and our Responsibility to Protect and Preserve it.

WindGen Tower Generator’s are Beasts and out Produce every Wind Generator on the market today.

WindGen Tower Generators sit in place of 1 Turbine and Produces more Renewable Energy than 8 turbines are capable of producing. Guaranteed


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